Our instructors

Kristian Mäki-Jussila

Kristian is AIDA Master Instructor and works as a main instructor in all our courses. Freediving is Kristian's greatest passion, and he has been in the field for over 10 years. His versatile experience of both pool and depth disciplines, competitions and spearfishing is reflected in his teaching in practical examples that give the student a touch of ground to learn. In education, Kristian's biggest goal is to inspire and motivate people on their own freediving path. Kristian has achieved 3 Finnish Championships and several medals in international competitions. Kristian is also a national record holder with a 184m DNF dive. 2020 Kristian was the first person in the world to freedive 101m under ice without wetsuit.

Henrietta Kivijärvi

Henrietta works as a second instructor in all of our courses. Henrietta has been floated in many waters and she has experience of freediving in tropical waters and freediving under the ice without wetsuit. Henriettas long experience of Ashtanga Yoga is reflected in her teaching and in our courses Henrietta brings expertise from the world of Ashtanga yoga. Henrietta has actively competed in freediving competitions since 2018.