AIDA3 Pool

190 € (inc vat 24%)

AIDA3 Pool freediving adventure consists of a theoretical part and a pool section. The adventure is suitable for those who have completed the AIDA2 Pool or AIDA2 freediver card. With this adventure you will deepen the basic skills and knowledge of freediving from the physiology of a freediver and goal-oriented training, and we will also review different training tables. The adventure consists of theoretical lectures, pool exercises and an exam.

After this adventure, the student has the ability to further develop himself as a freediver. At the end of the adventure, AIDA3 Pool students will be awarded with the AIDA3 Pool freediving card. AIDA3 Pool card can be upgraded to Aida3 Freediver card by performing open water sections with our AIDA3 open water adventure or with any other Aida instructor anywhere in the world.


Adventure content:

3 at least 2 hour theory lection

2 two hour pool adventure training (static breathhold and dynamic apnea)

Rescue drills

Exam (2 hour)

Lung volume measurement (voluntary)

Attendance requirements:

AIDA ** Pool certification


If you pass the following requirements you will be awarded by

aida3 pool freediving card:

2:45 static apnea

55 meter dynamic apnea

Exam (75/100 points)

What to bring in this adventure:

Bathing suit and towel

Basic diving equipment (mask, snorkel and fins)

Waterpoof stopwatch



Our school also has some loan equipment if you are missing one of the above.



AIDA*** Pool adventure 190€ (inc. vat 24%)

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