AIDA3 open water

140 € (inc vat 24%)


AIDA 2 open water freedive adventure consists of three open-water diving sessions. The adventure is suitable for those who have passed the AIDA 2 Pool course. With this adventure you will learn the basic diving skills and knowledge about breathing techniques and relaxation with finning technique for freediving and equalisation techniques. With this adventure, we also explore the equipment and knots used in open water diving.

After this adventure, the student has the capability for safely train depth diving and independently (with safety diver) train diving skills in open water. At the end of the adventure, AIDA2-compliant students will be awarded the AIDA2 Freediver Card, which is a requirement for many dive centers around the world to participate in freediving action.


Adventure Content:
3 open water diving sessions
Rescue drills
Measuring the volume of the lungs (voluntary)
Getting to know the open water diving equipment and knots


Attendance requirements:

AIDA2 Pool card


You get the AIDA2 Freediver certification if you pass the following requirements:

16 meter constant weight dive with stereo fins (CWT)


What to bring in this adventure:

Bathing suit and towel

Basic diving equipment (mask, snorkel and fins)


Wetsuit (5-7mm)

Lanyard and small light attached to mask or hood

Our school has some loan equipment if you are missing on of the above



AIDA 2 open water adventure 130€ (inc. vat 24%)

You can pay this adventure also with Smartum, ePassi or Edenred exercise benefit (coupon or mobile app)